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Solar iBoost+

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The Solar iBoost+ is the UK’s best selling PV immersion controller and preferred by most solar installers; it saves you money by cutting the cost of water heating and reduces the use of your home’s boiler.

If you have invested in Solar PV for your home then you will already be aware that there are periods of “export,” when you can’t consume all the energy being generated by the array. This energy normally flows back to the grid seamlessly so you may not even be aware of it. If your home has hot water storage with an immersion heater then Solar iBoost+ can be installed and start saving you more money on heating bills in less than 1 hour! Solar iBoost’s built in display means that you can watch your savings grow, simply press the display button to see Saved Today, Saved Yesterday, Saved 7 Days, Saved 28 Days and Total Saved readings.

What is included with my purchase?:

  • Solar iBoost+ (Main unit)
  • Sender Unit (2 x AA Batteries Included)
  • Clamp and Cable Fixing Screws
  • Solar iBoost+ Installation and User Manuals
  • Installation Template Commissioning Form (To be completed by the installer and retained by the homeowner)

Some of the benefits when installing a Solar iBoost+ in your home include:

  • Maximising your consumption of the free solar energy generated at your property.
  • The built-in programmable cut-in threshold is flexible enough to combine use with battery storage systems to prioritise operation.
  • Its easy to install to new and existing systems in less than 30 minutes.
  • Solar iBoost+ is made and backed up by the UK’s oldest renewable energy company.

Marlec’s innovative Solar iBoost+ enables you to automatically consume excess energy generated by your solar panels. Just sit back and join more than 70,000 homeowners who already enjoy the extra savings from free hot water!

Solar iBoost+ Controller

  • Operating Voltage:  220-240Vac
  • Frequency:  50Hz
  • Control Type:  1B Pulse width modulation
  • Maximum Permissible Loads:  13A Resistive (max 3kW immersion)*
  • Number of Load Connections:  2 (cascading)
  • Cut in threshold:  100W of export is maintained
  • Rated Impulse Voltage Withstand:  4kV
  • Insulation Properties:  Pollution Degree2 in accordance with IEC 664 
  • Operating Ambient Temperature Range:  0-40° C 
  • Operating Radio Frequency:  868.3MHz or 915Mhz 
  • Electrical and Safety Compliance: EN60730-2-7,EN301 489-3, EN300 220, EN60335-1 EN55014-1, EN55022 (Tested independently) 
  • Power consumption:  1-3W 
  • IP Rating:  IP20 
  • Cooling Fan:  Thermostatically controlled. 
  • Mounting:  Center hook with 2 x bottom screws 
  • Cable Entry Points:  Rear and unside of unit 
  • Interface & User Controls:  Backlit 32 Character LCD. Push buttons to cycle display and for programming. Wirelessly connects to optional iBoost Buddy Red LED Warning Triangle Blue LED Operating Indicator 
  • Boost Function:  Push Button, 15 minute increments up to 2 hours 
  • Programmable Timer:  2 x switches per day with separate programmes for weekday/ weekends. Save summer / winter settings. 
  • Programmable Languages:  English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German. 
  • Sender Battery Low Warning:  LED and on screen 
  • Dimensions:  225 x 158 x 92mm 
  • Weight:  1.37kg 
  • Package Dimensions & Weight:  288 x 255 x 100mm 1.95kg

(*Australia and New Zealand version only 3.6 kW)

Solar iBoost+ Sender and Clamp

  • Operating Radio Frequency:  868.3MHz or 915Mhz
  • Radio Range:  1-30m indoors (dependent on construction and local conditions)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature Range:  –5 to 40° C
  • Electrical and Safety Compliance:  EN 60950, EN 301 489-3, EN 300 220 
  • Clamp Cable Size:  25mm² 
  • IP Rating:  IP40 
  • Battery Type:  2 xAA IEC LR6 1.5V alkaline supplied (user replaceable) 
  • Battery Life Cycle:  Up to 2 years 
  • Optional Mains Power Supply:  Available from your supplier 
  • Battery Low Warning:  LED and on screen message on Controller
  • LED Indicator:  Green flashing LED on transmission
  • Mounting:  Centre hook
  • Dimensions:  95x75x35mm (excluding clamp)
  • Weight:  61gm

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