ecoAIR EVI 4-20

The ecoAIR EVI heat pumps make a unique use of EVI technology to guarantee unique performances in any operating condition, and the ecoAIR PRO heat pumps use a natural refrigerant, being the only propane monobloc aerothermal heat pumps that have modulation ranges greater than 80%. Thanks to the technology and control strategies developed by Ecoforest, the installation of ecoAIR heat pumps in combination with the HK and HK-Compact indoor units also becomes simpler, more compact and cheaper than those of other heat pumps on the market, since it allows to dispense with certain components that would be necessary in traditional heat pump installations.
  • Inverter technology and scroll compressor.
  • EVI technology by means of Flash Tank system allowing to offer the best performances even in the most unfavourable conditions. 
  • Hot water production temperatures up to 65ºC.
  • Integrated active cooling.
  • Compact design including the production circulation pump in the outdoor unit. 
  • Hydraulic connection within the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. 
  • Modulating thermal power control within a wide range (17-100%) and modulating flow rate control of the production circuit (20-100%).
  • Integrated management of up to 3 different emission temperatures, 2 buffer tanks (heating and cooling), 1 DHW tank, 1 pool and hourly control of DHW recirculation. 
  • Integrated management of simultaneous heating/cooling emission, according to scheme. 
  • Integrated management of external On/Off or modulating auxiliary systems, such as electrical heaters, On/Off boilers or modulating boilers. 
  • Selection of the indoor unit depending on the installation needs. 
  • Single-phase (230V) and Three-phase (400V) versions available. 
  • Compatible with ecoSMART e-manager and ecoSMART e-system. 
  • Integrated energy meters to measure the electrical consumption, the heating/cooling thermal power, the COP and the monthly and annual SPF.

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