Ecoforest EcoGEO Basic 5 -22kW

Nuenta are please to offer the EcoGEO 5-22 kW Basic from Ecoforest. This state of the art Ground Source Heat Pump is Inverter driven, providing between 5kW-22kW output. Not only does this GSHP have the ability to achieve such a large demand but it is unique in the fact it can do this using only a single phase supply. This inverter driven technology reduces the need for larger buffer storage, which reduces the overall footprint of the installation.

Active and Passive cooling options available on request.


  • Refrigerant R410A
  • Copeland Scroll Compressor with Inverter Technology 
  • Carel Electronic Expansion Valve 
  • Variable speed and High efficiency Wilo circulation pumps 
  • Alfa Laval Asymmetric plate heat exchangers 
  • Carel Micro PC Control 
  • Sound Insulation kit 36-45 dB

For further information or pricing on this product please contact us.