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Manifold with flowmeters R series

A multi-section manifold of the R and Z series is a component of the PRAWTECH ground source system for heat pumps. The manifold has been designed to guarantee access to basic regulatory and service operations. The manifold is dedicated for wall mounting inside or outside the building, alternatively the manufacturer allows for product installation in a plastic or concrete chamber in the ground.

The ground source manifold is responsible for transporting and balanced distribution of the antifreeze from the heat pump to the ground and back to the heat pump's engine room. The products are designed to work with any antifreeze liquid. Fluids recommended by the manufacturer are propylene and ethylene glycols with a package of corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam additives. More details are available in: PRAWTECH chemical resistance card.

The R-series supply manifold bar is equipped on each section with brass inline flowmeter in the range of 8-38 l/min. Flowmeters allow for regulation of the flow and cutting off a given section of the geothermal installation through a ball valve integrated in the body of the flowmeter.

The return manifold bar is equipped with a cut-off ball valve on each section. The ball valves allow complete cut-off of the flow individually for each ground source loop.

Each of the manifold’s main Flow and Return bar is equipped with a ¾” FT air relief/filling valve section. The 1 ' socket' is offered for configurations larger then 6 loops. This section allows you to effectively flush, fill and vent the ground source system.

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