Cylinders and Buffers

What are Cylinders and Buffers?

Buffer tanks are primarily used to store heat when demand is low and supplement a system when demand for heat is high. The tank works to retain heat energy for later use.


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Buffer Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

A buffer tank is expected to live as long as the rest of the heating system — 20+ years, depending on the system's water quality

Yes! There are many different types and models, and the warranties vary, so enquire today to find out more.

A large majority of heat pumps now modulate to suit the demand of the building, but in warmer weather, when buildings only require a little heat, the heat pump can short cycle, switching off and on frequently and creating wear on the compressor. A buffer tank can help overcome the issue.

Buffer tanks can also be used to store heat energy, self-generated or generated during times of cheap electricity to be used later in the day without the heat pump needing to operate.

Generally, you add 15-20 litres of water per kW of minimum heat pump capacity; this should prevent short cycling and satisfy defrosting on an ASHP.